CareerVibes delivers straightforward recruiting solutions

CareerVibes delivers straightforward recruiting solutions

Recruiting solutions that give you a complete approach to finding your best people.

CareerVibes is a boutique Australian recruitment firm led by Susanne Meisert.

With over 12 years of experience in the recruitment industry, Susanne is a dedicated professional with a passion for helping businesses attract and retain top talent for critical roles.

Susanne’s successful career, spanning Europe and the Asia Pacific region, has helped her to gain a deep understanding of recruitment processes across multiple industries including Finance, Accounting, HR, Media, Communications, Digital Marketing, Sales, and Information Technology.

After launching her career with a boutique research company in Germany, Susanne worked her way up to managing busy recruitment desks in Australia, including roles with the Australian government and with an iconic Australian recruitment agency. Susanne holds a master’s degree in Sociology, Psychology & Economics, and over the years she has conducted hundreds of interviews, sighted countless CVs, and helped hundreds of people find their dream jobs.

Based on this experience, Susanne developed the best practices and methodologies used by the team at CareerVibes to guarantee that we deliver the highest standard of service every time.

At CareerVibes, we’re trained to listen carefully to our clients, ensuring we clearly understand their individual needs. We treat both clients and candidates with the utmost respect and courtesy they deserve, and we’re proud of our reputation for delivering a responsive, reliable and cost effective service.



Find the best people for your business. Whether you would like to fill vacancies or outsource specific processes, we deliver a professional service tailored to your individual needs.

Market Mapping


Prepare your business to take advantage of an evolving market. Market Mapping analyses the marketplace to identify the employment status, skill levels and expectations of key talent within it.

Career Services


First impressions count. Secure your dream job with our highly effective career services, including interview coaching.


Our recruiting solutions help you source top talent, map the market or secure your dream job.