How to stand out from the crowd? What are the best tricks and tips in order to write a compelling resume? Here are my top tips for you:

  1. The first 10-15 seconds count. Recruiters and Hiring Managers will only spend very limited time on every application – so make them count! Make your profile appealing, to the point and most relevant to the role you are applying for including using as many key words from the job posting as you can.
  2. Tailor your profile section and cover letter to the job advertisement. For the cover letter outline your top qualifications and skills relevant for the job you are applying for and explain how you have demonstrated these.
  3. In your Profile section provide a brief overview about yourself and describe the skills and experiences most relevant to the job for which you are applying. It should be specific to you—if it’s too vague it doesn’t provide any benefit at all.
  4. The main purpose of your resume is to show potential employers on what you can help them achieve in the future, not solely a summary of things you have done in the past. Highlight the valuable things you can accomplish in your target position. Demonstrate your value using key achievements – ideally they should be measurable and quantifiable to show how you can benefit a company. Read my article about key achievements to get a better idea.
  5. Be straightforward and to the point! Nothing worse than reading lengthy descriptions about your key responsibilities that drag on and on. Be to the point, brief and precise. Use bullet points as much as you can.
  6. Ensure your online presence is professional and consistent with your resume. Employers will search for you on LinkedIn or Xing, so dates and experiences should match with what is on your resume.
  7. Finally ensure your resume is error free. That includes not only spelling mistakes but also formatting. Email your resume to yourself to ensure it comes up clearly and the attachment can be opened easily. And print it off before sending it to anyone to ensure the formatting is correct.

If you need any help with writing a resume that stands out from the crowd, please reach out. I have vast experience in writing compelling and personalised resumes and cover letters. I look forward to hearing from you!