Isn’t it amazing to have a “workcation” from Bali over the long weekend or that you can quit your job in Germany today, and start a new career in Australia next week? It sure is, but it also comes with a price – the ties between companies and employees have become fragile, and it has become quite difficult to get good employees to commit to their workplace. What can employers do to attract Gen Z and other generations – and furthermore, to keep them?

Traditional roles need to be redesigned to fit the current job market. We need to envision new ways of working. The past three years have shown that working remotely is possible. What else could be changed or implemented?
We need to become more creative!
According to an interview conducted by McKinsey* with a manufacturing company, the CEO could not fill a particular well-paid role for four months. There were no applicants because people don’t want to work a 50-hour week anymore. When the company restructured the role and split it into several new positions, advertising it this time with “work 12 hours, anytime, in one week”, which created ultimate flexibility, they received 170 applications in the first three days. And the best part: some new employees they attracted and hired converted into full-time roles soon after that.
Employees want flexibility. Flexibility is the new work-life balance, and there are many ways to create it. Here are just some examples from Fair Work Australia on how to do that:

– Flexible start and finish times
– Compressed hours (working more hours over fewer days)
– Part-time or casual work
– Job sharing
– Flexible rostering
– ‘Purchasing’ extra paid leave
– Flexitime (allowing employees to ‘bank’ extra hours, which are then exchanged for time off)
– Gradual increase or decrease in work hours

We must embrace the change to be part of the new working lifestyle. Get creative now and retain your staff for the future.

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Best wishes and good career vibes, Susanne.

*McKinsey & Company

*Fair Work Ombudsman