The key to successful job interviews is not only to give the right responses to questions being asked but also to ask the right questions in a job interview.

Most interviewees are too scared to ask any risky questions out of fear to look silly or insecure. But if you would like to impress in the interview you might want to ask some of the following questions.

  • Do you have any concerns regarding my application for this role?

I asked this question once before in an interview and the HM was so (positively) surprised about this question. This question will help you to eliminate any concerns that may have come up during the interview. They tell you what their concerns are, and you have the unique opportunity to show them that this should be of no concern whatsoever because of ‘xyz’ reason.

  • From your point of view, what is required to be successful in this role?

Not only will you get a very good understanding of the key skills and soft skills that your Hiring Manager expects in this role, but you will also get them to (subconsciously) adhere to these expectations. This gives you an opportunity to elaborate on any of these outlined topics and to shine and show them what you can bring to this position to make it successful.

  • Why is this role vacant? Why was the person who was in this role before not successful?

Again, the answer to this question can be very revealing. If they describe someone that sounds very much like you and your workings you should really think about whether this is the right role for you. And if the HM speaks badly about the previous incumbent without providing specifics you will also get a good impression about this person as a manager and whether you want to work for them.

  • What type of further training does the company offer?

Most companies are happy to be asked that question as it shows initiative and the desire to grow with the business.

  • Does this role offer flexible working arrangements?

Flexible work arrangements are super popular, and most employers are happy to offer them. But you should still ask before signing a contract. If you are after a position where you need flexible starting and finishing times to pick up your kids from school this is a very important question to ask. And most employers value your honesty and to know about potential limitations straight away.

If you require any help with your interviewing skills please don’t hesitate to reach out.