I believe cultural fit is such an important topic as you can have the best skills and knowledge in a certain field, but if you don’t fit into the team or organisation you are applying for it will be hard to find fulfilment there.

Why is cultural fit so important? This goes both ways – If you are in line with the cultural values of an organisation it will get the best out of you which is certainly of strong interest to any employer. If your values correspond to the ones with the company you will be happier, more committed, and loyal to your employer. Win-win for everyone!

So, how do you test if a company is the right cultural fit for you?

  1. First impressions count. Of course, this is much harder during COVID times where you are most likely unable to attend the interview face to face. But there are still ways and little hints you should pay attention to. How did the Recruitment process go? Was it easy and smooth or more stressful and painful? How have you been treated by the employees of the organisation until you got to the interview stage and during the interview? Have you noticed a certain vibe when liaising with them?
  2. Ask the right questions. In your interview not only focus on your skills and values but also ask the right questions. Examples could be: How do your teams from different departments work together? What does it mean to be successful at “XYZ”? What do you enjoy most in your job? How would you describe your company culture? This will not only show your interest in the company but also help you to understand their spirit.
  3. Listen carefully to the questions that you have been asked in your interview. They will also give you a good hint as to what the culture looks like. Any situational questions being asked could give you a good idea of what the environment looks like and what kind of personality they are looking for.
  4. Search for company reviews online. Do your homework and have a look at places like Glassdoor.com.au or similar where you will find reviews from staff in relation to work-life balance, collaboration, leadership etc.

Any questions or comments on the above? Please feel free to reach out via susanne@careervibes.net